Friday, December 10, 2010

The Privilege of Growing Old or My New Life

Hopefully this will be the last time I will be bringing up c (unless someone needs something I can provide, has questions or if I can add something that may help someone else).

A little over three years ago I was diagnosed with level 3 colon cancer, had surgery and 6 months of chemo (lost my hair, its back).  I survived all and my doctor say I'm cured.

I was given a second chance at life, it changed me forever.  Life is short please make the most of it.

One thing I realized that if I'm going to be around in the years to come I didn't want to be a burden to my kids, I've been a artist most of my life, and mom about half of it.  For some reason my good health for my kids sake is easier than working on good health for me.  That was the motivating factor, but now good is for me, because it make me feel so good.  This is the truth most days I feel like I'm in my 20ties- inside, mentally and physically maybe even better than back then cause I partied alot.

I have always been thin, except for a brief period when I had milkshakes for a bedtime snack, (gained about 50lbs.), but my lifestyle before was bad.  Red meat daily sometimes twice, lunch meats, fast foods, lots of dairy big chocolate bars, soda, beer, lots of sugar, white bread fried foods ect.  I felt tired and fatigue all the time and could sleep 12 hours at a time, now I only need 6-8.

I painted this self-portrait when I was sick but before I was diagnosed.  Not sure where I put it, may have tossed it but you get the picture.

This next part is for anyone that has or knows someone with c.  When the hospital doc looked me in the eye (this was right after the colostomy and I was still loopy) and said its cancer, I looked right back and thought yea, but I'm a survivor.  At that point I proceeded to do everything in my power to beat this.  This included  1. prayer (mostly thanking God for everything hes given me each day)  2. Green Drinks, please read  the book or visit the web page Crazy Sexy Cancer  3. Visualization - picturing my insides to be clean and c free  4. Positive thinking, this included eliminating negative people if possible  5. plenty of rest  6. found a great onocolgist, surgeon and became my own medical advocate.

OK, back to my new life - With this second chance I kept the Green Drink habit - it really make me feel good (had a recent blood test, everything was perfect).  I have been doing this a couple times a week for about 6 months now.  I call this my 2/6 recipe.  It does not taste too good, I usually chug it, but its sooo worth it.

2/6  (2 of each, 6 items)

2 carrots   2 stalks of celery,  2 apples, 2 tomatoes, 2 leaves of cabbage with a handful of raw spinach rolled inside  Wash everything before juicing.

I saw a Jack La lane infomercial one night (I remember laughing at his pants when I was a kid)  anyway I bought one of his juicers, and I am totally happy with it.  tip-put parts in a sink of hot dishwater after using for ez cleanup.

To continue, still concerned with good health, I saw a doctor on Dr Ozs show -Dr. Ornish he totally amazed me, blew my socks off--he said he knows how to reverse heart disease, (my Dad died of heart disease at 59), stop or reverse early-stage prostate cancer  & diabetes.  He turns off genes that promote breast cancer,and other illnesses, in only 3 months.  Also these lifestyle changes can increase an enzyme that lengthens telomeres (the ends of your chromosomes lenght  controls how long you live. 

I am starting a new blog entry about  "The Spectrum"  Dean Onnish  MD, it will have recipes and helps.   Medicare and other insurance companies are now providing for this program.  I gave out several copies of this book so far, 2 to my docs 1 to my priest, 3 to my kids, and have a couple I giving for Christmas presents. You can do a little bit of this program or a alot, its custom tailored to you by you.  its all good.   Here is a link to the web site.

Here is Dr. Ornish  twitter id, or you can get there on the above link  

Thanks for taking your time to read this- joyce