Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Garden & Bluebonnets

Hi Friends,

The past week I have not been painting much, the weather as been perfect in South Texas (except we need some rain as usual).  It will soon be hot here and I will be inside in the air conditioning.  I have been working on this garden patch for a couple of years now, being new to the sand, deer, my big pets and ants -it has been a battle.

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Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas and it is illegal to pick them. There are bluebonnet trails where the blueness looks like a ocean. These just came up last year in the garden area I did not plant them.


The bluebonnet is similar to snapdragons for those who have never seen one.

This is a thorn less blackberry, with it first flower bud.

My recyclers

                                                                   the llama shed being built

Someday I hope to have this garden section a formal sitting garden, I have some blueberries growing, crepe myrtle, angel trumpet, jane magnolia, couple roses and rose of sharon (all made it through the winter)...I will post their pictures when they are in bloom....
peace and love, joyce

Friday, February 25, 2011


Dear Friend,

I have sold several poppy paintings over the years.  In the past they have always been red/red orange with white or olive background.  This is my first pink (honeysuckle) and turquoise poppy painting.

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                                             In a virtual room
                                             (size not exact)                                                                   

Painting details, this work is 16x20 a standard size that fits department store frames.  It is painted in acrylics and is on gallery wrapped canvas with the sides painted, ready to hang. (My standard pricing applies to this work 1.00 per square inch length x width).

It is only right that I mention my best teacher (I have had many),  he was the only one that showed me the artists eye.
Fred  Leach OWS AWS/DF 1924-2006 , I was fortunate enough to study under him for over 6 years.  This link has some of his art.
Fred worked for American Greetings for many years, he also taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art, he was a chartered member of The Ohio Watercolor Society, and had the prestigious Dolphin Fellowship award from the American Watercolor Society.  I learned from him in his retirement years.  I met Fred at Baycrafters and after some time the class was moved to my garage studio, (about 12 artists).
Over those years I collected several of Freds paintings which I will share in a later blog.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Blue in the Mountain

Dear Friend,

The title for this blog and of this recent painting is The Blue in the Mountain. 

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In order to write this I need to go back and date myself, back maybe three decades ago, at a time when I first started selling my artwork.

I met a older Calif. artist who was getting ready to retire.  Some of his family visited him and complained that he used to paint such pretty things, (flowers, barns ect.).  He gave me this painting at the start of my painting career.  Its been in every studio I have had throughout the years. He also gave me a small sort of abstract male clay statue he made. It had no legs and was on a wire stand, the artist told me the legs broke off in the kiln.  This moved me, because he (George Doleys 1909-1978), had polio as a kid and wore a leg brace.

When he gave me Blue Mountain, I did not understand it.  It wasn't until maybe five years later that while reading this book The Notebooks of Leonardo daVinci  by Pamela Taylor that I discovered the following
excerpt by Leonardo himself.

"You know that in an atmosphere of equal density the remotest objects only seen through it between you eye and them---appear blue and almost of the same hue as the atmosphere itself when the sun is in the east."

"Those you wish should look farthest away you must make proportionately bluer."

The author of this book Pamela Taylor states that Leonardo  lonely gentle man, who bought market birds just to set them free and became a vegetarian because of his dislike of killing animals.  Pamala Taylor finished this co-work of her husband after his sudden death in 1957, he was the Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

There is many of wonderful tips about art in this book, I plan on re-reading it soon -joyce

So now know how this title came about.   

Details, 16x20 standard frame size,  acrylic, honeysuckle and turquoise colors, gallery wrapped canvas sides painted like painting.  
The price is my standard rate this year, 1.00 per square inch (length x width)