Friday, December 31, 2010

My First Painting of 2011 -scroll down for larger pic

Those of you that know me, know its been awhile since I have been back to steady work.  This painting is the start of a new era for me.  I'm having trouble with blogger or my computer, but I wanted to post this today so it in two blogs.

I have always loved to paint, even as a child I remember enjoying the process of making letters and numbers.  This can be a curse more than a blessing, as I have the tendency to overwork drawings and paintings.  So on this piece I tried  (kiss) keep it simple stupid - one rule from one of my first teachers. 

Here is my web page which has my bio and some works of the past (it needs updating)...Thanks for stopping -joyce

Details-- this a original acrylic on acid free heavy duty watercolor paper, signed by me.  It is 29"x21"  I would recommend a 2 or 3 inch white mat and a simple black frame (not included).  As of 2011 I am offering wholesale prices to those in art related businesses.  Anyone interested in this piece can contact me at satisfaction guaranteed-joyce