Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Past Three Years or Home on the Range

Hi,  Certain time periods in a persons life stand out more than others, the past three years have been one of those times for me.

I need to back track a bit,  about 12 years ago we moved from Cleveland to San Antonio, Mike was able to get transfer and I was tired of the snow.  We purchased a new home, a builders spec. (it had nice extras)-Here is a picture

I missed having outside space, especially with the wonderful weather here.  We found a 10 year old fixer in the middle of 5 wooded acres, about 20 minutes from the Riverwalk and downtown San Antonio.  It is also in a very good developement with fair restrictions, (no mobiles, your must have at least 2 acres, and no more than 5 big  pets, horses ect.)

So we decided to go for it.  --(If  moving up to a fixer is going for it, we have had fixers in the past so dh was was dreading it)
What happened after that, the market changed and we wound up having two mortgages at the same time for a little over a year.  We had to mark down the above house quite a bit to move it.
I also went to hell and back- I had cancer in this time frame (level 3 colon, +chemo). (I'm three years cancer free, did some lifestyle changes (I'll blog about later)-and feel great, better than ever before. 

Ok, back to life today and progress on my fixer.  Its just a two story brick box (the back and sides are stucco).  Very plain,  so far we put in a porclein sink, removed the dark brown carpet from the downstairs and replaced it with large clay tile, painted the downstairs walls,  added a electric fence around a acre for my big pets, and put in a large patio out back. I'm not sure what style we want to work the outside into, either New England salt box or maybe Tuscany cause of the stucco.
Here are some pics. I'de like to post some pics of my great kids, but I need to ask them first.\\

Our driveway

                                                        Driveway from the house

Front door, one coat of niagra blue so far, the dog already scratched it

Red -waiting to get out

Curly still a baby

LaLa, Llama with a attitude

Lukie (not a good picture, hes cute)

The two acres behind the pen

The tree that came down a few week ago, the back of the house is behind it.

View from my kitchen

I love this place even though it needs work and is going to take some time and money.  There is lots of good nature photos that I will post sometime in the future, (when I learn to use this camera better).These were all taken this am.

I am now getting back to my art business, need to update my web page, learn more about blogging, ect. I plan on blogging at least once a week. - joyce