Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get A Mammogram

Today is the day before Thanksgiving -  I spent the past two days worried about a call yesterday from my docs office saying they found a shadow on my mammogram.  This news put me and dh in somewhat in a panic because I am a 3 year colon cancer survivor (level 3 with chemo) and still in the watch period.  Checking the internet I found that if it comes back in the watch period in a different place it means it has metastasised, and survival statistics were bleak (10% - 2 to 3 years).  Spent that day feeling sorry for myself, dh came home from work, ect.

So yesterday I started looking for a mammogram appointment.  The place that did the first one could not see me again till Dec. 9.  Dh said keep looking, I found one that would do a mammogram and ultrasound that afternoon.  I was there most of the day.  I was very pleased that when it was over the radiologist sat down and talked with us both.  I was so relieved when he said that this is not metastasised cancer. 

What they found is 3 salt grain size dots, that have a 25% chance of being pre-cancerous.  Next Wednesday they will do a fine needle biopsy with results a few days after that.    Either its nothing or I will have a small procedure to removed the 3 dots.  Here is a web link about it.

These past two days have put me behind in Thanksgiving preparation, plus we are having company tonight and I have to take my cat to the vets this afternoon.
I'm not complaining, its good to be busy, and this year I am again so thankful.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving All...joyce

***Just a quick update from the above, the biopsy results were normal, (they were just some fibroids)---Pheww...back to my new thankful life..joyce *****